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Mix Up Something Eclectic

On-trend design ideas for your kitchen renovation

(Family Features) For most homes, there’s one room that serves as the hub of all activity. From preparing mouthwatering meals to entertaining a house full of guests to grabbing a few minutes to relax with a mug of steaming coffee, the kitchen is the place where it all happens. That’s why such careful planning is necessary when you set out to redesign this essential living space.


Arguably the most important decision is the overall layout of the kitchen, defining which appliances will go where and what architectural details – such as windows and doors – need to be integrated into the plans. Determining how many and what kind of cabinets you need can be even more complex, and contemporary design can help open up plenty of options.

In the past, cabinetry was fairly straightforward. Lower cabinets were topped with a counter, then a backsplash and a matching set of cabinets above. These days, design is far less predictable, and introducing variety through the cabinetry is a savvy designer’s trick to grab attention. The comprehensive product lines from Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. make it easy to mix diverse finishes, door styles and wood species to blend different design techniques while achieving an eclectic but cohesive feel.

For example, you could pair complementary styles and colors for the upper and lower cabinets, or create some contrast between the perimeter and island to capture an on-trend, eye-catching look that is anything but boring. You can also rely on varying heights and sizes to create more visual variety.


A more eclectic kitchen style brings plenty of character on its own, so a color palette that lets the architectural and structural details really shine is more appropriate than bold splashes of vibrant color. That said, there’s still plenty of room to create visual interest and integrate multiple hues to give the room extra depth and charm.

Subtle shades of gray may be just the ticket. Gray

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